NFT Cards Collectibles

We create unique NFTs Cards Collectibles, minted on Hedera Token Service. ❤️

NFT Cards Collections

Serie 1

In this Serie, we explore the Hedera Hashgraph universe, to celebrate people who made it, great moments and horizon.

Serie 2

In this Serie 2, we continue to explore the Hedera Hashgraph universe, celebrating community engagement & perspectives.

Serie 3

Developments on the Hedera network are accelerating, Hashgraph is gaining momentum and so HBAR... Time to celebrate it in this Serie.

Crypto Legends 

7 legendary cards to celebrate the Crypto world.

Gems Cards

Highly desirable and rarest NFT Gems Cards to collect. Minted on Hedera Hashgraph Token Service.

Serie 4

Time for community and more *Magic* to build the network the world deserves.

Who are the founders?

We are three tech enthusiasts, and fans of all kinds of collections! We draw our inspiration from the pleasure we felt when we made our card collections when we were young. We want to create NFT cards with very limited editions, providing this feeling of unique collectible pieces.

Baptiste Antoine (@BabawWabab), is a webdesigner, entrepreneur and concept art manager.
Nora, a digital artist who loves cats, and gardening.
Marc, talented artist, loves Magic TCG and Pokemon.

You are an artist? You want to join the team?

Contact us and send us your portfolio


You can buy our Hashgraph Cards on different marketplaces. But mostly, on secondary market.

You should use a Hedera Hashgraph Wallet compatible with Hedera Tokens Service. We recommend you to use the NFT friendly Xact Wallet (available for free on AppStore for iOS and Google PlayStore for Android). More info here: https://wallet.xact.ac

No. This is your only chance to buy these NFTs. We will no mint new copies of the cards in the future. 

Yes ; Once you bought a limited edition / NFT, you own it and can resell it on an open market. Royalties may apply.

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